Hydrologic Monitoring & Data Analysis​

Just as developing models and simulating them to understand various possible scenarios is important, collecting meaningful data and information to develop the models is equally importantly. Our TechWARMS group has been working on multiple projects over the past five years on data collection of hydrologic data (precipitation, streamflow, water level, river bathymetry etc.).

Few of these projects are listed here:

1. Streamflow gaging station in the North Fork Obion River System in western Tennessee.


Our Team


2. Streamflow gaging station along the Pigeon Roost Creek in Putnam County, TN.


Our Logger & Staff gage


3. Streamflow network of gages in the Window Cliffs State Natural Area in Putnam County, TN.


4. Development of real-time water level gaging network in the Falling Water River Watershed in middle Tennessee. Click here for real-time water level data.

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