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Over the course of many years, members of TechWARMS have developed numerous software related to water resources engineering. This page contains a developing list of all the software developed by TechWARMS group (and for some softwares, links to download them).

Probabilistic Dam Breach Model:

This is a Monte-Carlo based probabilistic dam breach model that uses four methods of breach prediction. The model is developed in GoldSim, a dynamic simulation software. They include:

  1. MacDonald and Langridge-Monopolis (1984)

  2. Von Thun and Gillete (1990)

  3. Froehlich (1995)

  4. Froehlich (2008)

This is a companion model to the paper that is published in Environmental Modelling and Software journal titled "A probabilistic framework for comparison of dam breach parameters and outflow hydrograph generated by different empirical prediction methods", authored by Ebrahim Ahmadisharaf, Alfred Kalyanapu, Brantley Thames and Jason Lillywhite. Click on Download Model to download the GoldSim model. For more information on GoldSim, visit

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