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Hydraulic Modeling & Analysis


Dr. Kalyanapu designed a GPU based flood model called Flood2D-GPU. The model is designed in Compute Unified Development Architecture (CUDA) by NVIDIA. Flood2D-GPU is based on numerical solution (upwind finite difference scheme) of the St. Venant Equations and uses adaptive time step.


Reference to the Paper:

Kalyanapu, A. J., Shankar, S., Pardyjak, E. R., Judi, D. R., and Burian, S. J. (2011). "Assessment of GPU computational Enhancement to a 2D Flood Model." Environmental Modelling & Software, 26, 1009-1016. (Download Paper)

NOTE: The following video is an uncalibrated Flood2D-GPU simulation using National Elevation Datum without detailed channel bathymetry. It is intended to demonstrate the overprediction of flooding in the floodplain when accurate channel bathymetry is not used for model simulation

For Additional Flood2D-GPU Simulations, click on this page.

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