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At Tennessee Tech's Water Resources Modeling & Simulation research group, our broad research focus aims "at understanding the complex interplay water resources has with climate, urbanization, energy development and how in turn affects the sustainability and resilience of communities"​.


To achieve this long term goal, we pursue research in the following areas in general:

  • Watershed Analysis

  • Hydraulic Modeling & Analysis

  • Floodplain Management

  • Monte Carlo based Risk Analysis

Watershed Analysis


We perform watershed scale hydrologic analysis. Our hydrologic analysis portfolio includes precipitation frequency analysis, numerical model development for GIS-based rainfall-runoff modeling, stormwater modeling and water quality modeling and assessment. 


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Floodplain Management


Coming Currently, according to CIA Factbook, 83 out of 100 people are living in urban areas within the US. It is a similar scenario in many parts of the world.


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Hydraulic Modeling & Analysis


Dr. Kalyanapu designed a GPU based flood model called Flood2D-GPU. The model is designed in Compute Unified Development Architecture (CUDA) by NVIDIA. Flood2D-GPU is based on numerical solution (upwind finite difference scheme) of the St. Venant Equations and uses adaptive time step.


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Monte Carlo based Risk Analysis


We developed a Monte Carlo based Flood Risk Modeling Framework that is capable of performing numerous 2D flood simulations by incorporating data and parameter uncertainties. 


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